The Pine Falls pulp and paper mill complex was recently sold to Pine Falls Development Corporation (PFDC). The complex includes industrial buildings, equipment, waterfront lands and facilities, two residential communities, a waste water treatment plant, a landfill, and approximately 1,000 acres of vacant land. As a Brownfield investor and redeveloper, PFDC will seek alternative uses for the assets and site. PFDC will move forward with land reclamation and site reconfiguration, while exploring opportunities within the community and industry.

Pine Falls Development Corporation (PFDC) is an investment project of NRI Global Inc. PFDC acquired the mill complex from Tembec Corporation in 2011. Prior to acquiring the site, PFDC met with Manitoba Conservation, the Township of Power View - Pine Falls, and the community adjustment committee to understand the complex nature of environmental, social, and economic needs. Working closely with Tembec, PFDC developed a plan to purchase and remediate the site in an approach that allows for redevelopment. PFDC will continue to meet with all interested groups and provide progress updates. The complex Brownfield redevelopment process could take from 2-5 years to complete.